Sunday, December 18, 2011

Cast and Blast Float Trip

I went out Saturday morning hoping to jump shoot some ducks on a creek I have always wanted to check out. I knew for the most part the depth didn’t get deeper than 3 foot so I figure I was pretty safe going alone. I thought about seeing if anyone wanted to go along but feared if I did not see anything it would be a waste of time. Just in case I threw in a casting rod with some tubes in case the fish were biting.

Long story short there was not blasting and the casting was for nothing. I did not see any ducks and the fish didn’t like what I was offering. The creek was very cool looking though. The camera did not make it into my pack so I did not get any pictures. It has a few good looking pools that I will check out again. I did not make it very far downstream after having to deal with a log jam. I wasted about thirty minutes trying to get around it. It had the creek blocked totally and the only way through it was to go around. The bank was steep at the point adding to the problem but I made it around without getting wet. The trip was not a total waste since I found another place to fish this spring.