Monday, June 23, 2014

RiverBassin Knoxville Stop

I got a last minute opportunity to fish the Knoxville RiverBassin Tournament when a friend sent out a message he was needing someone to float with him. I have always wanted to fish East Tennessee Rivers but have never made it over that way from Middle Tennessee. This was my chance to take care of that.

I left home at 9:00 and with the hour time change to Eastern Time I arrived at the take out spot to meet my friend right a 4:00 in the morning. After some quick rigging and putting his kayak in my truck we were off to the put in. Since we were fishing waters that I knew we would have to portage some I used my NuCanoe Frontier 10. I figure the lighter Frontier would make it easier to get out and wade and get over some rough spots. The Frontier 10 did not disappoint.

We launched at 5:15 with first cast being allowed at 5:45. The 30 minutes paddle to the first cast went smooth with a portage over a low water dam right before fishing. My first fish was caught around 7:15. It was a 10.75 inch smallmouth on a tube. 

After pictures and release I was feeling pretty good about the day. Well it took me three hours to catch my next fish. The 11.75 inch largemouth hit a senko to give me my second fish of the day.

 The problem was I had ran out of water to fish. The take out spot was right there. After wearing out the last section I figured I’d call it a day and head back to the weight in.
After packing at the take out vehicle and unpacking at my truck I still had three hours to weight in. I figured I’d drive closer to the weight in and find some water to fish for an hour or two. Well once I did that I realized I had left my seat in my friend’s car so my day was done.
When it was all said and done I finished 14th out of 38 anglers. Only 20 people caught fish so it was a tough day for some. Each tournament I continue to learn more and more. Next tournament will be June 28th closer to home in Middle Tennessee. I will fish out of my Frontier 10 again on some smaller water hoping for that big bite. Until then I’ll be pouring over maps and planning my attack.