Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Caney Fork June 18th

Blake from NuCanoe e-mailed about a month ago to let me know that the Frontier Tour would be coming through and he wanted to go fishing. I am always up for meeting up with Blake to fish so I was ready to go. He wanted to try the Caney Fork which is cold water below the Center Hill dam and is a pretty good trout river. We tried to fish it last year but the generation schedule had us messed up. This year things looked better so the trip was planned.

We floated from Happy Hollow to Betty's Island. It ended up being Blake, James from Team NuCanoe and my buddy Jamie floating with me. The day was close to perfect with weather in the high 80s. The water was super clear because of lack of rain. We saw tons of fish and some really big ones. I ended up catching a couple of bream, a brook trout, and a 13" rainbow.

 I hoped for many more fishing but today was not the day. All in all it was a awesome day for fishing and floating. I hope to get back soon to catch one of those big Stripers I saw in one pool.