Monday, May 21, 2012

May 20th Old Hickory Lake

I made it out Sunday morning for a quick trip on Old Hickory Lake. The water temp is already in the mid 70s so summer is here. The top water frog bite was not happening so I tried some other things. I switched over to a chatter bait and picked up a little 13” bass before deciding to try a spot I had always looked at but never paddled to.
After a mile paddle to the spot it looked like the area I bought my Frontier for. It was really shallow and I know no bass boat could make it back to it. We are low on rain for the year so normally this area would have more water but for the time being it was only around 3 foot deep in the deepest parts. I picked up a couple of 12”-14” bass on a wacky worm but more important I found a spot that needs to be looked at again. This area will be awesome if the lake comes up some. I did not catch anything on the frog but this spot is made for it.
I did not get any pictures and I wished I did. The fish were not that impressive but the day was. I bought some stuff to mount my camera but still need one part. I am just about completely rigged up on the NuCanoe Frontier getting ready for my June 18th trip with NuCanoe down the Caney Fork.