Sunday, February 27, 2011

2/27/2011 Skunk

I made it out this morning but did not catch any. We had a pretty good rain Thursday night so all of the rivers around middle TN were high. I decided to fish on Percy Priest lake. I was only out for two hours but didn't have much luck. I was racing to get home to help out the wife when I realized while loading my boat up I forgot my milk crate with my lures. It wasn't all of my lures but it was around $75-$100 dollars of stuff I did not want to replace. I walked in the door realized I forgot it and took back off for the 20 minute ride to see if someone decided to pick up my crate. After the 20 minute ride trying to come up with excuses on why I need to go spend money replacing stuff that I was dumb enough to leave behind I saw my stuff sitting on the boat ramp. I had big plans on showing off my new camera mount and video mount with monster fish but it didn't work that way. Instead here are pictures of the set up. I got my idea for the mounts from a video from on of the guys on RiverBassin. Thanks Paw Paw.


  1. Nice job on the camera mounts Kevin.Looks good and they should work well..Glad you were able to get your stuff back too...That would have been a bummer if it was gone.

  2. Kevin, would you be willing to show the set up more closely? I would like to take the same approach. Thanks, Ed

  3. I'll get some pictures this weekend.