Thursday, April 21, 2011

White Bass

I made it out for a couple of hours after work on Tuesday. The Stones was way up because of all the rain. The day was great weather besides the 20 + mile another winds. I removed the skunk that has been following me for the last couple of short trips but it was white bass that removed it. First cast I caught a white bass and then one more shortly after that. After two I tried to move on to catch some bass but they did not like my offerings. All in all the trip was fun but I did take a dip in the water trying to get a crank bait that broke off. I thought it was shallow and when I reached for the bottom my legs kept going up to my waist. I did manage to stand up in the NuCanoe which was pretty neat. I wanted to get some video but the battery died. Here is a short one.

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