Sunday, June 19, 2011

6-18-2011 Caney Fork

I got a chance to hit the Caney Fork for some trout fishing with a buddy up the street. I hoped to use the float to pre scout the river for next weekend if I get a chance to float with some folks from NuCanoe. The weather started out fairly nice partly cloudy but ended up in a thunderstorm.

 It was a 5 mile float which was awesome and the NuCanoe was a blast to fish out of.

We launched around 7 in the morning and finished around noon with a 1 hour delay on the side of the river in the pouring down rain and thunder and lighting. I caught a little bream on a trout magnet to start the day. Next a hooked into a 12" brown trout.
Around 8 they started generating with one gate and the river picked up for around an hour. During that time the fishing wasn't too good because of me not really knowing how to float and fish at a fast rate. Once the generation slowed down a switched to a Little Cleo and caught a couple that got off at the boat.

I had a good rainbow hooked but he shook free at the boat. That will teach me to use a net. I landed one more brown trout about 14" and then the clouds got dark and I started paddling like I heard banjo music.

We pulled over on the bank for about an hour and let the thunder and lighting pass.

After the lighting passed we hit the water for the last quarter mile stretch.

We ended up not fishing the last part of the river trying to bet the storm and get off the water once the lighting passed. I landed 2 browns and 2 bream. I had another brown and a rainbow shake the Little Cleo at the boat. I think I figured it out right before the rain so next time I hope to do a little bit better. We saw beavers, minks, and all kinds of birds. All in all it was a blast.

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